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Livin' Holy

from Livin' Holy (Single) by Jeff Little

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Parody of Chamillionaire's, "Ridin' Dirty" (although really a parody of the song I heard first and prefer, "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al Yankovic), telling the story of everyday evangelists from a hometown church whose invitation leads to conversion and consecration into the Kingdom of God.


I seen 'em walk up my driveway
Smilin' kids, grown-ups walkin' dogs, lookin' happy
Why are they so up and happy
Why are they so up and happy
I hope they make this snappy
I wonder why they're so darn happy

People came to my community
Handin' out flyers sayin', "Come and see"
Came to the door, knocked, and they found me
Another Harvest church invitee

They probably could tell that I was wary
Skeptical of Jesus as well as Mary
My sad condition, though, was temporary
'Cuz I had a hatchet that I needed to bury

I came to The Harvest ready to receive it
The pastor gave me reason, now, to believe it
The Holy Spirit brought me down to my knees
It was down there at the altar that I found Jesus

I felt at home at the church and started showin' up
I went out and got a Bible, started growin' up
Began talkin' to The Lord and started prayin' up
I put my money where my heart is, started payin' up

Sanctifyin' me is number one
Gave up a lot of things, but I still have fun
Now I understand the race that I have got to run
I'll never stop tryin' til my body is done

The Harvest is Here is more than a theme song
It celebrates a place where everyone can belong
Where Christ will take the sin in your life, you've put on
And that's a thing that I can really base my faith on

They see me readin' Philemon
I'm goin' cover to cover because I'm livin' holy

Just because I'm livin' holy
Just because I'm livin' holy
All because I'm livin' holy
I wanna see you livin' holy

I wanna bowl with the pastors
I wanna be around them, 'cuz they're livin' holy

Just because they're livin' holy
All because the're livin' holy
They make it look easy, livin' holy
I wanna see them livin' holy

I had to login, bloggin' my testimony re: how I been
Transformed from the outside in
My resurrected Jesus never forsakes us

Lookin' around for just a brand new song to sing
To bring a better offering
To lay down at Your feet while You would smile
Knowing that Your sacrifice would, someday
Keep me from the fires of Hell

I'm keepin' Jesus' love in my sights
When my friends need a hand, who do they call?
Available anytime for them all
Even for the ones that I don't know... yet

Understand what I have meant
I try hard but I'm not arrogant
Spend my time with the Son, Whom You have sent
To die for me, fo' sheezy... I'm measly

You know I'm wetter than wet, baptized as I can get
I've been in discipleship, life group and even the praise team
The first way to God I was ever showed
To convict of sin was the Roman's Road
Spend every Sunday, passin' bulletins out
Servin' God's what I'm all about

They see me raisin' and praisin' and testifyin' because I'm livin' holy

Speaking life and livin' holy
Assuming love and livin' holy
Showing grace and livin' holy
Thank You, Lord, I'm livin' holy

I make disciples who make disciples who make disciples
Sanctified and livin' holy

Justified and livin' holy
Crucified and livin' holy
Sanctified and livin' holy
Glorified and livin' holy


from Livin' Holy (Single), released May 25, 2007




Jeff Little Victorville, California

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